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Sunday, October 13, 2013

This is how it goes.....

 Hello readers,

This is how it goes for now.  I will write on this blog when and where I have time and desire to do so.  Having just finished reading two books I will let you know my impressions of them and .... we are off!

I just finished reading The Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff.  It is a true story of  an 11 year old panhandler and the woman he encounters on a NYC street.  This book was suggested by my lovely niece, Marla and I liked the book.  It fascinated me that she would so highly recommend this book having two children who are about the age of Maurice.  Had I read this book as a young mother I would never let my children out of my sight.  The stories that Maurice lived through were devastating to any human being.  (Have you read The Color of Water?  - it is a similar story of survival and rising above your circumstances).

I would highly recommend this book as well as highly recommend we all take steps to help someone who is in need.  Many people say charity begins at home but sometimes, just once in a while we can touch someone's life with a gentle act of kindness.

The other book completed recently was  And the Mountains Echoed by Hosseini ( the same author as The Kite Runner).    This was another interesting story about Afghanistan and the custom and culture of the country.  IMHO Kite Runner is his best book - hands down!  The Mountains Echoed had soooo many characters that got into so many situations that it was hard to follow the twists and turns of their lives and how it affected the story plot line.  I am glad I read it but wouldn't put it on the top of my reading list.

FYI - I am in Phoenix now and yesterday we visited the most fun museum.  The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM.ORG) is fun, fascinating and fabulous museum that we could have spent many hours in.  We loved it!  So... if you are ever in Phoenix, add that as a wonderful stop and place to see some spectacular instruments.

I have begun a new Kristen Hannah book and have received another hard copy book from my DDIL called A House in The Sky by Amanda Lindhout who was held captive in Somalia.  I look forward enjoying both of those books in the next week or so.

Signing out with lots of books still on my reading list,

Happy Reading!

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