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Friday, November 15, 2013

Turkey Day is almost upon us!

Happy November dear readers,

Hope you have enjoyed the autumn weather and are getting ready for winter.  I spent the day sorting and getting clothes out of storage.  A little late since we were in SC for two weeks and then AZ for a couple of weeks before that.  It certainly was brisk when we landed in New England late Wednesday night - 38 degrees and it just kept going down.

I had hope that those two trips would afford me lots of time to read lots of books but it seems that wasn't the case.  However I did download 5 and got through only one, The Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford.  Ford was also the author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.  If I recall that book was the first I read on my tablet.  Ok, back to Willow Frost.

As a white woman you think that we have always had rights and the ability to thrive in the US but while reading this book it hit me smack in the face once again how those who came before us struggled with 'the way things were'.  Thinking of a Chinese woman who only had the rights of her father or husband is just so foreign to me but yet the story rings true.  In 1924-35 a woman who married a man who was a foreigner was 'no longer American'.  For those of you who know my mother's story of getting 'stuck in Greece', maybe this is why my grandmother could not bring her husband and children back into the US and they had to wait for my aunt to reach 12 to get her an American passport.  Then the family had to go through Ellis Island like they were new immigrants.

Ford has a great way of mixing the bitter and sweet, forgiveness and acceptance of reality, benevolence and honesty.  The main character in this book is a 12 year old boy and his maturity and ability to accept reality and the past is surprising however, orphans must always feel they can 'find a way' to family.

Both of the books by Jamie Ford are well worth reading.  They are inciteful and well intentioned as well as informative.  I cannot recommend them enough.

I also completed Kristin Hannah's Between Sisters.  As always I enjoy Hannah's books but I thought this one seemed a little out of date.  It was supposedly published in 2009 but it seemed to fit better  into 1975 - the days before cell  phones and more readily available communications.  It was an easy read and brought tears to my eyes in many spots.  It was sorrowful with redemption and lots of what Hannah is best at, forgiveness and love.  It is a quick read so dive in but it's not her best book.

So, there it is folks, another episode of what are you reading now!  Have a great Turkey day and Happy Reading!


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