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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Still alive and well and enjoying the great summer

It has been a while since I have written so I want to catch up on some of the books I have been reading. 

Don’t know if any of you subscribe to Bookbub via Ipad but I get notices that some wonderful reading is available at very reasonable prices – sometimes it is free!  Most recently I finished reading Blood Orchids  (The Lei Crime Series   by Toby Neal.  It is a suspense thriller set on the Big Island of Hawaii and it had me spellbound from the first and then just when I though the book was over it went on and on and still held me on the edge of the bed – I did stay up reading until after 1 AM on just two nights finishing this book.  Characters were well defined and carefully created.  The main character, Lei, has a wonderful watchdog that is a Rottweiler and those of you who know me will know I love Rottie’s.    Toby Neal has many books and they will be on my ‘to read’ list when I am looking for a great beach, summer, airplane, just need to lose myself in a book – book! 

Then I also read The Ice Man by Philip Carlo.  This is a terrifying book because it is a true story of a mafia hit man who has admitted to killing hundreds if not thousands of people over his lifetime.  When finally caught he lived out his life in the Trenton State prison – just miles from our home in PA.  Philip Carlo also wrote Night Stalker so you can get the drift of the explicit descriptions in the book.  The main character killed people for a living and his family ‘didn’t know’ and didn’t care as long as he didn’t go off on them.  I felt the book was so graphic that it desensitized the violence and reality of the frequent murders or assassinations. 
Here are two links if you want to become familiar with the book before you might pick it up.

I am going to post this now and will be back sometime soon to tell you what else I am reading.  Enjoy the summer skies!

Happy Reading,


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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these two books my Bock Loving better half! As you well know I have been on a hiatus from book club selections. I did just finish 127 hours the story of Aaron Ralston (as told by himself) who was trapped in a canyon in Utah and had to sever his arm (himself) to survive. Thanks Maria for the birthday gift..I enjoyed it!
    How bout some of you other blog followers commenting either on our leaders recommended reads or your own!,