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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Sandcastle Girls

Dear fellow readers,

Obviously my promise to get back to you about The House at Sugar Beach was a ruse – or I just didn’t get around to it!  Your choice!

Let’s get on with the Sandcastle Girls review by Chris Bohjalian.  Bohjalian never loses a chance to get into my psyche and teach and twist me into learning something new.  He never disappoints me – challenges my preconceived notions but does not disappoint. 

First let me say I was ignorant to the Armenian Holocaust.  Somewhere in my brain I know that people are cruel, dictators are heartless, and ethnic people have been persecuted from the time of humanity’s beginning.  However, history has never been brought to me doorstep as harshly as in the Sandcastle Girls

Ethnic cleansing – YIKES!  To rid the world of a people because of ‘anything’ is totally beyond my comprehension.  Jew, Christian, Muslim, Armenian, Russian, Indian, male, female, Downs Syndrome, Genius, one legged, six toed – I could go on and on with the people we could annihilate for the sake of ‘cleansing’.  So I am told that I speak from an American idea that we are better as a mixing pot of all peoples. 

So, how many of you read this book of the month?  What did you think??? 

Happy Reading,

PS: I hope you will enjoy the entries of Murray Rider and hope you don’t mind me taking a month off.


  1. I knew nothing about the cruelty to the Armenians either. I enjoyed the book and would be interested in reading more of his books.
    Some parts were very graphic that I got chills as I was reading.
    I was waiting for the mention of Vermont in the book and it was there!
    I did have trouble following the book in the beginning because I wasn't sure who was speaking...the author spoke, the grandmother, and the grandfather. Once I got that message, it was much easier to read.
    I liked the quote by Audous Huxley mentioned in the book, "Every man's memory is his private literature".

  2. Uh,! Oh, Maria. I spent hours today writing three blog entries and your Huxley quote appears in the last one. It's almost like you were reading my mind. Talk about giving me chills!