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Monday, October 1, 2012

October's Book of the Month

Good Morning fellow book worms, this is your old friend "Murray Rider", guest hosting this month’s Book Club selection.

Our fearless leader deserves a month's respite from the hard, intensive work of leading this demanding group.  Therefore I have volunteered (actually she plied me with alcohol one evening and when I woke up was told I said I wanted to lead a month) to host the discussions.

Our selection this month is Frank McCourt's Angela’s Ashes.  This won a Pulitzer Prize, and was also a winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award and the LA Times Book Award.  Now readers I know many may be wondering if this is another book about Armenians, or Russians, or Germans, or The French, or the Japanese, or Jewish people or even say The Liberians?  Do not to fear guys this is nothing like that!  No this is about the Irish!!

I have started it and it looks "good to go" so get going!  Oh and do not worry about difficult probing questions on the author's sexuality etc.  My quizzes will focus more on more important things most readers ponder, like the design of the cover, difficulty in reading the print fonts, and stuff like that!

So I will check back in say 10 days and will look to get a progress update from all.  Be prepared to give your thoughts on say chapter's I through VII (yes they are Roman Numerals...oops I spilled the beans on my first quiz question!).

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Murray Reader, oops Murray Rider

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  1. Good job, Murray Reader, guest host of the month!