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Friday, March 30, 2012

I'ts almost April Fool's Day!

Yikes!  It is almost April 1st and I haven't picked a book yet.  Guess I'll get to it ASAP.

Hope you are enjoying Defending Jacob.  Once again I'll say 'YIKES'!  (It seems to be a favorite exclamation of mine lately.)  Next month we need a book that doesn't make me exclaim.  

I know that Maria has finished the book and Jim is halfway through.  Eileen is still waiting for it from the library. When I see her next week I'll have to introduce her to Kindle & Ipad - right Maria?  We are getting to the point where we prefer buying books on our Ipad so we don't have to wait at the library.  Hopefully next month I will select a book that is readily available.

Conversation in my house about Defending Jacob goes like this:
DH:  These characters are so engrossing
ME:  Really?  I don't like the characters at all.
DH:  I can't read anymore because I don't like what I see coming!
ME:  It's only a book!  You only have a few more days.  
DH:  How can you not be totally engrossed by this book?
ME:  How can you be totally engrossed by this book?

He hasn't finished it yet - just wait!  This author is on my 'definite need to read another' list.  

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend and hopefully your will get the next BOM on Sunday.

Happy Reading,

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  1. Oh, I think I was totally engrossed by the book! And, I wonder what happened to the mother. I thought the book was over when the trial was finished! Boy, was I mistaken!