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Sunday, January 29, 2012

One for the Money Sunday - two days remain!

Hi  Everyone,

Yes, it is the end of January already!  Time flies when you are having a good time and if you haven't read One for the Money yet, there is still time.  It should only take a day or two!   Get busy!

Since the last post I have read Saying Grace by Beth Gutcheon.  This is the problem with books:  ya never know what your are getting until you read it.  Supposedly a book about the 'fragility of happiness and the strength of convictions', according to the fly leaf.  Well, I really didn't care about the happiness of the characters and the convictions seemed more fragile to me. The Character development was weak and there were too many of them to 'bond' with.  The subject matter and theme should have been interesting to me but it wasn't.   I do have to admit that I began skimming much of the last half of the book just to get to the end.  Has anyone else read this author?  What is your opinion?  I know I have another of her books around here somewhere, I have begun it multiple times and now realize why I never finished it.

February Book of the Month to be announced in two days!  Just one comment about February. We are expecting lots of ski visitors in February and we will be traveling immediately after they leave.  If you don't get a post, don't be surprised.  You can still comment on the blog at anytime!

Have a wonderful week.


  1. I must say One For The Money "finished strong". I was kidding our blog Master the last few days that this was her first "girlie" book. For the first 200 pages I found little I enjoyed, but I was determined to finish. Those first 200 pages took me a week. The last 120 I knocked off in about 2 hours, having gotten up at 5 am this morning and finishing. The writer achieved some redemption by ending the book in thriller fashion. I will provide some additional thoughts over the next few days. Thanks Barbara for introducing me to a new author!

  2. I'm glad you are broadening your reading horizons, Murray Rider! I enjoyed the book. I think the characters were strong and well developed....liked some and disliked others.