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Monday, January 23, 2012

One for the Money Monday!

I did it!  Yes, I picked a book by author Janet Evanovich that I have read before!  Darn!  I have ordered another on e-books so I can compare her writing style from 1994 ? to later on her career.  We'll talk about One for the Money in a little more than a week.  

Eileen, one of our followers sent me the following comments via email:

I finished this month's book and thoroughly enjoyed it!  It was so funny - can't wait to see who is cast as the grandmother!  It was also a bit scary - I made sure all doors were locked last night before going to bed in case Ramirez came across the river!  It was certainly a wonderful change from the books I've been reading.  Thanks for choosing it!  Can't wait for the movie!

Have to admit although I watched A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott version) and had read it back in high school or junior high, I didn't read it this time.
I do think that the term Scrooge is used to describe people because the book is mainly about him as a "scrooge".  Yes, it ends with him opening his heart and wallet but most of it is about how tight and unfeeling he's been.  I didn't remember the part about his lost love and the love he had for his sister - both of which played a big part in his personality development as well as his horrible father.  Have to admit I felt badly for him.

Since I seem to be in the confession mode, I also didn't read Unbroken although I started it and want to read it but just haven't made the time.  Maybe now, after this last book,  I'll be able to get into it.

Keep up the good work picking good books.  I just read Amish Grace for LCR's book club.  That was very interesting!  I'm anxious to go to the meeting to hear what others think.
Jess, suggested a book about President Garfield (something about destiny).  Mother read it and found it very interesting and informative.  I need to read that one too.

Thank you Eileen for your comments.  

Right now I am reading Drama, An Actor's Education by John Lithgow.  He was an actor on 3rd Rock from the Sun, The World According to Garp, and recently Dexter.  For some reason I find him to be fascinating.  It could be that I ran in to him (just about literally) when we were in California.  
We were at a business event at a luxurious hotel and Jim was the host so by default I became the hostess.  Greeting people and helping them to feel welcome was 'part of the job'.  Most of the business guests we saw once a year so their faces were familiar and I tried to remember their names.  There I am walking down the hotel hallway and this tall man is walking toward me.  I just jump in and say: 'Hello, how are you, are you having a good time.  Nice to see you again, etc.'  
I didn't realize until he was gone that he wasn't part of our group and was a famous actor!  He acted very gracious.  That was quite a trip.  We also saw Diane Keaton and maybe other famous people that I didn't recognize.  

Anyway, I like Lithgow's book and recommend it to anyone who likes autobiographies.  It is far more interesting than Julie Andrews autobiography and I love her acting and voice also.

Hopefully in 8 days I'll have an idea what the BOM will be for February!  

Have a wonderful day and week.  

Until next time,

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  1. I am almost finished, One For The Money. I was on a long waiting list for the book at the library (probably because the movie is coming out soon), so I am listening to it on CD. I am enjoying the humor and find myself laughing out loud as I'm listening.

    I recently finished Unbroken....a few months late....It was a very intense book, but I am glad I read it. I put it down a few times just as you did, Eileen, but kept going back to it because I wanted to know what happened. I'm glad I read it. It's hard to believe the story is real. I keep thinking about it.