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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Christmas Carol - any comments?

Let's wrap up  A Christmas Carol.

Since this is the first Dickens book I have read I really feel like I accomplished something good.  A Tale of Two Cities was on my high school requirement list but alas - cliff notes were easier!
My favorite character is Mrs. Crachitt.  She tells it like it is and even though her husband works for old Scrooge, she doesn't want to wish him well.  I  can identify with that!  Forgiveness isn't easy for that woman!

I think that Scrooge had a real and lasting epiphany after-all, it is the right time of year for that.  As with any time we have a truly life changing experience the newness of it shines a spot light on the change but then as time goes by it becomes a part of our nature.  One thing I wonder is why in society today does being a 'Scrooge' have a negative connotation.   If Scrooge truly changed why do we only remember him being a stingy, tight fisted, miserly, SOB?  Why not a giving, gracious, generous gent?  UMMM?  Scary that these things roll around in my head!

My favorite movie version is the George C.Scott one.  I thought the Alistair Sim version strayed further from the wording of Dickens.  Someone mentioned that the Muppet version was good but I haven't seen that one.

So much for A Christmas Carol this year.

Has anyone started the book for January?  I have!

Have a great week.


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