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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

UNBROKEN - the beginning of the wrap up!

Hello Everyone,

It's the end of the month already and we all should have read the book of the month.  I hope you have enjoyed it in some way.  It was a very difficult book for me to read but I am glad I did.  Following are some questions you can respond to whenever you can.  BTW:  One of the member that I know of is still having difficulty posting comments so I have offered to post them for her in the future.  I will cut and paste and let you all know they come from her.  (BTW:  I posted this post before but it didn't show up so I am posting again - if you see it twice - sorry!)

The book for December is listed in Books of the Month column.  It is available to download free for IPAD, or other Free Book apps for computers.  Or you could be like me and have an illustrated copy somewhere in the Christmas decoration boxes.  Happy readying!

Unbroken – Book Club questions.
1. Critics alike have described Unbroken as gripping, almost impossible to put down. Was that your experience as well? How do you account for the page-turning quality given the grim subject material? Also, would your reading experience have been different if you didn't know that Zamperini survived?
2. Laura Hillenbrand gives us a moving story, one that brings to life the suffering and courage of not just one man but thousands, whose stories are untold. What is it about Hillenbrand's writing that keeps you going back to keep reading?
3. What do you admire most about Zamperini? What do you think enables him to survive all of his trials and tribulations? Does he possess special strengths—personal or physical?
4. What is your favorite part of the book?  What part is most horrifying for you?
5. I mentioned a few posts ago about ‘Mans inhumanity to man’.  Many would claim the Japanese were singular in this but it could be applied to the Nazis, or the Somalis, or the treatment of the American Indians in America.  Tell us one thing that allows us to reduce those persecuted to less than human. 
6. How is his family involved in Louie’s survival? How does his conversion under Billy Graham help him? What role does his wife, Cynthia, play?
7. We hear so much today about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome).  In your mind is it ‘real’ or an excuse? 


  1. My first comment about Unbroken is this: WHEW! I cannot even believe for one minute that any person can endure as Louie endured. I am heartsick for the horrific way our brave men were treated. Shooting people in battle is one thing but letting our military go up in aircraft that wasn't safe ... YIKES! All through this book I kept checking the notes to be sure it was a true story and no another 'Air Force One'. That's my first comment. Will be back later to make others.

  2. My previous post covered the "I cannot believe this was a true story" angle. I certainly agree Barb that I was shocked by the lack of "safety" for our American Troops. Today's press would have had a field day. Not sure today Americans would have accepted this.

    I thought a lot about the behavior of the Japanease, assuming say the "Bird" was a deviant individual, for sure most Japanease people were not. While The author covers the Military and cultural mindset that led many of them to look upon others as inferior I was perrplexed how one can look the other way at sadistic behavior. It scares me to reflect on this because I am convinced that faced with social pressure to conform most of use have at times looked the other way. The question is when do we confront evil, and how far would we endanger ourselves in doing so?
    I will add some additional thoughts over the next few days. Great selection!