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Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello Everyone,

I try to write on Sundays but yesterday was a busy day for me.  I am very excited!  I went to 'Stitch Camp' here in Stowe and Kathy from the Wooden Needle asked me to speak to the 30 ladies about Quilts of Valor.  I took a few quilts along, showed them pictures, newsletters, etc., and there are a few ladies who are interested in participating in a group.  WOO HOO!  I won't have to travel 1 1/4 hours to the closest group once a month anymore.  All to say, sorry I didn't write to you all yesterday.

I did stay up to finish Unbroken last night.  Whew!  That is all that will be said about it until the end of the month.  WHEW!!  I am so glad the last 100 pages were footnotes and references.  Now I will turn the book over to Jim and see how he likes it.  

If anyone who is signed up for the blog can write in a comment about how to write comments on the blog it will be helpful to those who are having problems going about how to do it.  Since it is my blog my computer automatically sends me to the correct spot and I don't have any problem.  There are people out there who want to comment but can't so if you can help, please do.   {step by step for the computer challenged}  

Next Sunday I will be 'on the road again' but I will try to blurb out something by the end of the week.  Remember the December "BOM" will be easy, short and available free on many computers and websites.  January's book is not in my mind yet so if anyone has suggestions, email me.  

Have a wonderful week and keep on reading.



  1. Started Unbroken already surprised at storyline and only 2 chapters in.

  2. In order to make comments on your posts, 1st you have to make sure your profile is "public"
    Then you go to the bottom of the blog you want to post a comment to and click on "comments" and it takes you to a new screen where you type whatever it is you have to say, then select how you want to comment (I always select "comment as google account") and then click "post comment". When you click "post comment" it makes you log in to your gmail account and will let you preview before you post the comment... I think that's it, I'll double check to make sure those steps are correct when I post this comment :)

    PS- I felt the same way when I finished the book!!