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Monday, November 28, 2011

Two weeks have flown by.... like an albatross

Hello everyone,

The poorest excuse in all the lot is I didn't know or I forgot, as a great man once said.  

There I was on the way to PA for Thanksgiving and I forgot to take my laptop. My I PAD doesn't allow me to go on and on while writing so I never took the opportunity to say:  Hello, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and Happy Birthday to my mother!  She would have gotten a kick out of me writing on this blog.  While typing up some of her memoirs, I discovered that she would have liked to write and book but realized that was never going to happen so she hoped her daughters would pick up the gauntlet. {would a blog count?} She really didn't appreciate reading many books but I think this biography would have struck a cord with her, having lived through WWII.  

I hope you all have been reading Unbroken and enjoying the true life story.  I just can't imagine the events and found the book ..... oops, next time.

I will announce the next book in two days and the questions and discussion for Unbroken will begin then.   

Until next time,

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  1. I just finished Unbroken. Whew. All I can say is if truth is stranger than fiction this book sure meets that test. If this had been a novel.....I would never have finished. I would have thrown it aside and said this could never have happened!

    Ps. I tried to help Eileen Heitman get set up to post comments. It would not let me do it for her either. Go figure!