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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Corrections is over!

I am back again readers with the last installment of The Corrections. I am glad it’s done and hope you have found some redemption from reading and thinking about this book.  As I think back there is so much in the book that many if ….nah, I really didn’t like the book but maybe the characters do appear in real life all around me and I am like Enid, I ignore them!

11. Why does it take so long for the Lamberts to acknowledge the seriousness of Alfred's illness?  Because unless we are hypochondriacs, we all ignore those little things that are keeping us back from good health. Is Alfred's deteriorating mental health solely a result of Parkinson's disease? Yes, we are all experts on PD! 
This entire line of questions is so offensive to me in regards to PD.  Since my own father suffered greatly from this and my mother supported and cared for him so valiantly, I cannot entertain this line of questions.  No one knows until they walk in the shoes.

17. Why is Denise drawn to both Robin and Brian? How attractive are they as characters? How does Denise's attraction to Robin initially manifest itself? Why is she unable to make a life with Robin?  Because she is a selfish bitch! Mostly she can only be happy if she is controlling the people around her and their activities.  She manipulates both Robin and Brian to their own personal failures.  So passive-aggressive and distructive.

20. Why does Denise tell Chip not to pay back the money she has lent him? What does the use of the word "forgive" suggest in Denise's plea to her brother? Like I said, selfish bitch and therefore she will still have something to hold over him in the future.

22. Is Alfred's death the key to Enid's happiness? How does the quality of her life change once Al is hospitalized? What reaction do his children have to his death? Are we meant to believe that their father's death is the catalyst for their "corrections"? For how much of the unhappiness in the Lambert household was Al responsible?
I can’t even begin to understand this question – do you?

Summer will be upon us shortly so we will have to have some light and fluffy beach reading very soon! 
Happy Reading Everyone!


PS:  Maybe these Oprah questions would have been more palatable if I was drinking a good bottle of wine - the whole bottle!

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