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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jeez it's Jumpin' June!

Already June is here and the book blog writer is a day late.  I guarantee you that I do much worse with birthday cards & gifts!

The Book of the Month for June is:Product Details

Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls.  Some of you will recognize the author of Glass Castle.  I highly recommend Glass Castle to everyone.  It was not only a story of family but the complete leniency and opposite of the 'helicopter parents' of today. If you read those books I am sure you could classify both as being child abusive.

I am halfway through Half Broke Horses so I won't give away any of that book at this point.

A review of The Color of Water will be forthcoming in the next week.  I know that Murray Rider abandoned us for the month of May. He is so busy with golfing and working and .....  I do have so much to say about the last two books but with golf and quilting and....   Is anyone else out there?  I know Maria queried whether I had blogged in a while therefore --- here I am!  If anyone has book suggestions please post them.   We all know how life can get busy so in the meantime, happy reading.

Have an awesome day,

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  1. Dear Blog-mistress (wow sounds like a title from 50 shades of grey?). I regret skipping May's reading I may circle back around to "The Color of Water" but no promises. I am feeling "pressured" and behind with 3 or 4 books sitting on my nightstand (2 started not finished. I so enjoyed Glass Castle I will continue to hold off on those to read this months required reading. Might I suggest a "summer hiatus" (July, August) for those who PROMISE to read a book each month and actually report back to the group? Kind of like a college summer reading requirement. Only a suggestion (selfish one I admit-looking for credit for reading my backlogged nightstand!).