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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's only the beginning...... a great Chicago song!

OK, here I am with the blog so many of you thought I should do.  There are many ideas splashing around in my head for what this blog should be but as yet the usage of blogspot is the current focus.  
This is what I did today:  Went to the library and it was closed until noon.  Went back to the library and they didn't have the book I wanted (the 5th book in the Frankenstein series by Dean Koontz) so the nice librarian offered to get if from another library but she would call -- so far, no call.  So, having a pile of books on my nightstand I decided to borrow something from the library that was suggested by a friend in Yardley.  Well, I decided to borrow it after applying for another library card since I couldn't find my other once since it was on my key ring and I can't find my key ring --- it's been months so I doubt they will show up.  If anyone sees an Acura key with a Stowe Library card on it - it mine!
Anyway, back to this blog.  
First rule of order:  There will be a  Book of the Month.  The book for October is ...........
It is not October yet you impatient people.  It is the book I checked out of the library so if you can hack into the Stowe Library you will know before anyone else.  Or you can figure out which friend in Yardley suggested which book!
Second Rule of Order:  We need some people to participate in this blog and the book discussion at the end of the month(s) so when you receive this blog pass it around to your friends and have them check into the blog. 
Third Rule of Order:  We will all expect comments about the current books you are reading and as I become more familiar with commandeering this blog I will include extras like polls, suggestions, and ratings of books.  

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  1. Great job, Barb. I knew you could do it! Looking forward to seeing what the new book is. I'll pass this information along.