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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The first Book of the Month

I know, it is still September and not October yet.  I have received a request from someone stating that they participate in a variety of book clubs and need to get a head start.  So, I will give you all a head start.  The BOM  (for quilters that is Block of the Month but for us it is Book of the Month) is:


It is available on Amazon for around $10, and at your library.  There is another book titled the same so make sure you get the one by Kristin Hannah.

Other books of hers that I have read are: Night Road and Firefly Lane.  Both of them I couldn't put down and I was told that is one is the same.  Please check into the blog and become a follower (I think you do that by inserting your email address into the top bar), read, follow along, help to create some conversation by commenting, post the other books you are reading, suggest books for 'down the road', etc.  

Please pass the blog site around so we can get more followers and comments.

In additional to Winter Garden I am reading the classic The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett- an old classic that I never read before.  It is a wonderful story about orphaned children in the moors who are overcoming adversities.   That is on my Ipad as a free e-book.  I assume you all know that you can download lots of classic old literature for FREE!


  1. Looking forward to reading Winter Garden. I read the other two books that Barb mentioned by Kristen Hannah and they were fabulous. I like the way she writes and the books are hard to put down, so be ready for that!

  2. I started Winter Garden last night. When my Faithful and Obedient Companion wondered if a manly man like myself could handle this book I decided to take up the challenge. First 2 chapters down and I must say I am already getting into the characters. Will keep you posted on progress!
    Murray Rider