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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Anger was like a steady drip of poison ....

Hello again dear Readers,

Back to our discussion of Bastard out of Carolina.

'Anger was like a steady drip of poison .... into my soul teaching me to hate.'  This comes from Chapter 18 when Bone was glaring at the neighbors - it really didn't matter what color they were, it was someone new to be angry at and to hate.  Aunt Raylene seemed to be a Godsend to Bone to help her keep perspective and guide her into a direction of positivity.  Walk a mile in their shoes before you are glaring at people is what she seemed to say.

In the last chapter the wish of every human:  'We had all wanted the simplest thing, to love and be loved and be safe together'.  Then  the desertion.  Who could possibly live a normal life after experiencing this desertion.  Why do we read books like this?  Is it to make us feel more 'normal'?  Is it to make us feel accepting of our own shortcomings?

I have one additional comment about this book but it will wait until next week.

If you would like to read more about the author you can check out this article on Wikipedia.

Happy Reading,

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