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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Marriage can be a real killer!

Marriage can be a real killer! 

That was the heading in the Amazon book review section.  I agree.  What did you think of Gone Girl?  Personally I couldn't put it down and my dear husband read it in three days.  I think Flynn did a great job of pulling you into the characters and their predicaments. 

Amy:  the perfect (sic) child, teen, young adult, wife --- thank God she wasn’t a mother!  Definitely a character best played by Sharon Stone or Renee Russo. 

Nick:  I picture a baseball player type – maybe like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams or Bull Durham

Go – Margo the twin sister.  Do any of you watch Dexter on Showtime?  I couldn’t get the character who plays Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) out of my mind for Go.  She would be the best character actress for this role. 

So the big question for this week is  - who would you want to see playing the top three characters in the Gone Girl Movie – if there was one? 

Happy reading,


PS - be back soon with some additional discussion of this addictive book.

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