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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Book of the Month for September

Happy Labor Day Weekend Readers.

I am hoping I have time this weekend to get some intense reading done since I am not yet finished the BOM from August.  I have lots of excuses: golf, gorgeous weather, not enough rain, traveling and visiting PA and the NJ shore and an awesome week long visit in Vermont with our stupendous grandson, Alexander.  We all have priorities you know!  It's so much easier to get reading done during ski season which is right around the corner!

Since I mention ski season and Vermont we are reading a Vermont author for September.

The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian

Chris Bohjalian is one of my favorite authors and he has written some great fiction and non-fiction.  Some of it can be quite 'weird'  and have strange twists and turns and surprising endings.  My two favorites of his were Midwives and Skeletons at the Feast.  Both are worth reading.

(BTW: Don't click to look inside.  I can't get the picture without that phrase!)
The Sandcastle Girls: A Novel

Happy reading everyone.  I'll be back soon with the followup on Sugar Beach - as soon as I finish it!



  1. This came in from Eileen: Just finished reading the 1st chapter in The House At Sugar Beach. Have to say it was like reading Genesis and I read it kind of like that - skimming through!
    Glad that ivory trade is no longer legal.

  2. I agree Eileen - as you can see from my post, I am having trouble getting 'into' this book also. Almost halfway through though and trying to 'stick it out'. Anyone else having trouble? I do know that Maria is reading the 'wrong' book. She started the September book thinking it was for August. Remember, there are no rules that you 'have to read' the book. It's just nice to know you all are out there reading and expanding your genre of read books.