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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who can make my shoes?

Discussion of The Shoemaker’s Wife Volume 2

To begin I will tell you that I thought this book should have ended when Ciro and Enza re-found each other and got married.  The content of the book up to then  was powerful.  It was an ‘epical’ book after that and I am not particularly found of those.  What do you think?  Maria says she likes epics.  What do you think?  What is your favorite ‘epic’ book?  Is epic even the correct type of book I am referring to?

The mixing of fact and fiction got out of hand in my opinion and the story became unbelievable after Enza & Ciro’s marriage.  The use of the telephone frequently and easy travel seemed too easy and commonplace in the book and I am not so sure it was so easy in the early 1900’s.

Now, onto some additional comments about the content of the books events:

How do you feel about Ciro & Eduardo’s mother being in a convent within a ‘few kilometers’ of them for all those years?  My heart breaks for the mother’s choices and the sons living without a mothers love & touch.  While reading the circumstances I found in my memory this event.  I was in Girl Scouts (probably around 10) and our leader (my mother) arranged for orphan girls to come and stay with various scouts for a weekend.  One of the girls, Joy, was left in the orphanage with her sister with the mother promising to return.  The mother returned and took the younger sister but Joy was still abandoned.  Sometimes I think we just don’t know what it is like to be desperate.    This situation could be a weeks long discussion in my head!

Laura and Enza getting to work in the MET was just an awesome experience for any seamstress.  Can you imagine being face to face with the greatest opera singer, rock star or politician and helping to make them look great?  This could be an entire book in my eyes. 

Enza did not want to be: ‘destined to wear a small simple hat or the gold knot pin, the marker of a single woman, the spinster….’  I never knew there was an ‘outward’ sign of being single.  How far we have come!

Spoiler Alert!  Ciro was sad to be dying and not having the opportunity to grow old with his dear Enza but his sorrow was deepest for his son who would grow up without a father – just as he did.  Ciro had found guidance and care with many mature men over his lifetime and wanted to be that for his son.  Such a sad end!

This book carried so much wisdom in it and on the very last page of the book:  ‘Beware the things of this world that can mean everything or nothing’.  My comments after – REMEMBER THIS.

If you want to learn more about The Shoemaker’s Wife you can go to Adriana’s website:

There is so much information about her and her books you may find interesting.  Don’t you just feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to read all you want to read?  I am always torn between reading and quilting with my free time and right now sewing is winning. 

It does seem that I highlighted was too much in the beginning of this book and left out big portions from the last half.  If you have stuff to share please do by comment or email that I will be happy to post in your name. 

Enjoy the remaining days of August and I’ll post again around Labor Day.

Happy Reading,

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