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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas!

Yes, I agree it's sometimes hard to log into this blog!  I have trouble too sometimes but here I am again - finally remembered my password!  It is amazing how e-quickly we become attuned to multiple password, email addresses, phone numbers, and accounts!  Since I am so 'from the old school' I have a tendency to forget which password I used where and it becomes a total frustration.  

Anyway, on to the Book of the Month!
How is reading A Christmas Carol coming along?  I have just passed the first spirit but haven't had time to read on. We have watched our favorite movie version with George C. Scott and thought it stayed quite accurate to what we had read so far.  The Alistair Sim version strayed quite a bit from Dickens.  I was quite disappointed that I couldn't fine Scrooged with Bill Murray anywhere on the TV stations this year.  We will have to get a DVD copy of that sometime and see how it flows with Dickens.  

Our construction is finally done and now it's moving time again.  All that 'stuff' must be packed up and moved into the new bedroom and bath.  At least our closets are now neat because they are empty!

Now it is time for over the river and through the woods to Pennsylvania we go!  And as Tiny Time says: God Bless Us Everyone!  (or does it really say that at the end??)

So, Merry Christmas to all and to all - Have a safe and happy holiday!

Best Wishes,

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