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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still Reading Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah????????

Hello - 

Two weeks have passed since my last post and I hope all of you have been reading the book.  I have  had a few reports on it and can't wait to see all of the responses to the test .... not really!  I will be posting some questions, thoughts, and responses to the book in about 10 days.  
If you have questions you would like to  ask the group -- just hold them until the 30th!  

I will be announcing the next book on the 30th as well.  It is a new book, I haven't read it yet and I am hoping my library will have it available for me.  If not there is always Kindle!  

Now I am reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  It is very compelling  and her insights into Alzheimer's Disease is incredible.  If you haven't read anything by Lisa Genova I urge you to get either this book or the other one I read  Left Neglected.  

Last week I scanned  There Are Things I Want You to Know about Stieg Larsson and Me By Eva Gabrielsson on her life and trying times after Steig Larsen's death.  Scanning it was about all it deserved in my estimation.  Her situation is interesting but I think the book was more to get something out of his passing that Swedish law doesn't allow her.  (Steig Larsen wrote The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Eva & Stieg lived together for 32 years.

Well, I am looking forward to the 30th when I'll post some comments, questions, and thoughts on Winter Garden as well as posting the book of the Month for November.  

Have a very readable weekend!

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  1. Just finished reading it! Wow! Kristen Hannah amazes me again with her wonderful writing.